Modern Physics

Modern Physics

Modern Physics, written by Gary Felder and Kenny Felder and published by Cambridge University Press, is a textbook for an introductory survey of modern physics (typically offered at the sophomore level).

The list of topics is not particularly different from what you would see in any textbook at this level. You can see the full list at our Table of Contents page. The short version is: two chapters on special relativity, four chapters introducing quantum mechanics, and then a choose-your-own assortment of more recent topics such as atoms, particle physics, and cosmology.

So what makes our book different?

Contact Cambridge University Press to request a free evaluation copy (professors only).

"Finally, a textbook with more than just formulas and details: clear and easy-to-understand explanations which guide the newcomer to a real intuitive understanding. Felder and Felder share the fun and wonder of learning about the mind-bending notions of modern physics with an enthusiasm that jumps off the page." -Daniel Whiteson, University of California, Irvine

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